The Story of The Lady

Elsje Schoeman


Once upon a time, there was a passionate and dedicated woman who embarked on an extraordinary journey as The Persian Rug Lady.

Elsje, her name echoing inspiration and knowledge, decided to turn her deep love for Persian rugs into a thriving business. Determined to provide exceptional service, she strives to assist her clients with sincerity and integrity. She and her entire team at The Persian Rug Lady believe that every rug has a story to tell, a history to unveil.
Drawing upon her extensive knowledge, she enchants her customers with tales of ancient weaving techniques, the cultural significance, and the meticulous craftsmanship behind each hand knotted rug.

Elsje and her team’s genuine desire to help clients go beyond mere sales; they cherish the opportunity to guide them in placing their treasured rugs in the perfect spot within their homes. Whether offering advice on colour schemes, room dimensions, or even the emotional connection a rug could evoke, Elsje’s expertise ensures that each client receives personalized and thoughtful recommendations.

Through her unwavering dedication and genuine passion, The Persian Rug Lady became a trusted figure in the world of Persian rugs, leaving a trail of satisfied customers who marvel at the beauty and authenticity she brought into their lives.

Due to the extensive inventory of rugs we have in our shop, featuring each one in a catalogue is not feasible. However, we do stock a huge array of sizes for you to choose from.

You’re welcome to visit us in store or to contact me if you have any questions about specific rug availability.